Payton- Updos and Brotherly loveMature

“MOM!” I yelled standing at the top of the stairs, my hair half down, the other up. “Which looks better?” My Mother come to the bottom of the steps, a bit of pity on her face.

“Dear God, what have you done to you hair?” At that moment, my older brother, Ryan, come out of the bathroom with a box of tampons.

“MOM! Tell the bitch not to keep her stuff out!” He looked over and looked at me.

“Ryan, but those done, Pay, go up stairs and get dressed. I’ll be up in a second.” I nodded, kicked my brother in the shin and took my tampons. “Thanks, hey, do you need one?”

When I was in my room, I carefully took my dress out of the closet. It was a befutul, sliver dress with sparkles, of course it had to have sparkles, I loves sparkles. I smiled and turned on my Ipod.

With a quit knock, Mom was in my room, a bag with her. She smiled an singled for me to sit in front of my vanity while she fixed my hair.

“Our you excited? I’m just shocked, Max? I mean, I know you guys were best friends, I figured that when he walked in on you changing in the studio, and you did not kill him.” I laughed.

Last year during pictures I was changing in the bathroom when he walked in on me. I screamed at him but did not kill him.

“Yeah. I don’t know, I mean I love him like he’s my brother-” At that point, my brother screamed:


“HEY RYAN!” I started, “WANT ME TO PUT ON MY COUSTEM FOR THE DUET? YOU’LL LOVE IT!” I herded him swear mildly.

He hated Max as long as I could rember. The first time he saw us doing a duet that involved Max picking me up, he was fourteen. He got up, told my Mom that this dance was not cool for ten year olds to be doing. After that, he told Max not to touch me, or he was going to get stabby.

“Sweetie, don’t me mean to your brother. What is your custom anywhere? I don’t rember ordering it..”

“You didn’t,” I said with a smile, nodding toward the plaid shirt and cut off shorts that barely covered me. “The shirt will be tied up, and I will put my hair into twin braids. Think Ryan will have a fit?” She laughed.

“You’ve worn worst, but you’ve worn better. I think he is still piss- I mean mad at Max for not catching you.” I shrugged.

“Look at you hair.” She said simply. My hair was done in a updo, with my hair falling messy around it. “Here, I think you know what things is,” I laughed when she put the ballerina head band on my head.

“I hope I’ll be wearing these full time soon.” And with that, we heard the ring of the doorbell, and Ryan running downstairs to play the part of the Father we never had.

The End

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