Payton- ClassMature

Sitting on the floor of one of the empty studios waiting for the six kids who where being forced to take the lifting class before they where able to compute. Naturally, Max and Payton where roped into teaching it. For the first five classes.

When all of the kids came in, she knew all of them since they where two, and loved them like the little siblings she never had. Or wanted.

“So, how’s ready to lose there spine?” she said with a smile to the girls in the class, who where scared. Naturally.

The girls laughed as she waved them to warm up. The boys stood in a corner, huddled together. She shot Max a look meant to tell them to warm up. They did. She stood p, and walked over to a girl in a back bed, and pushed her back up, causing the poor girl to wiggle.

“Andy,” she said to the girls dance panther who was doing a split, come hold her back. Make sure she doesn’t fall.” The boy with ash white hair ran over and did as he told. “Bell, don’t wiggle. Hold still. Good girl.” She said to the girl with black hair.

“The rest of you, do the same.” She directed to the class. “Max, come here. And support my back.” She bent into a back bend, forgetting the fact that she owned a spin. “From here, you are going to do a front walk over into a spilt. Watch me first.” She did as she taught with Max grabbing her leg allowing her to fall into her right split.

After showing them a few more panther working, they decide that they where going to tech them a combo. Max took the boys to another room and Payton stayed with the girls.

“Ok, who knows the song Fire Burning. Good you all do.” After showing the girls the chorography to the first thirty seconds, then reviewing it, she sent one the girls to get the boys.

After watching, yelling, and fixing the younger dancers dance, they dismissed the kids.

“I know what we should do for the showcase. If I had you. And then write in eyeliner on the kids there panthers name. right her for the girls.’ she lifted up her shirt to show her hip, took eyeliner from her back and wrote Max’s name on her hip. “And for the boys, we do this.” She wrote her own name on his arm, and made a heart around it. “What do you think?”

“That’s a idea..if you want Bella’s parents to pull her out of the class.” Max said. Payton laughed. “Whatever. Bye.” She said walking out of the studio on her way home.


Sitting in her bed later that night, around eleven she got a text. From Max.

“Meet me at the park by the studio in ten.”

The End

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