Payton- Just DanceMature

Payton watched herself though the mirror, studding each turn like it was a maze. It was her time to work on chorography, though she had none due to the fact it was only a week into dance season, or practice tenqine.

She finished the fourtee, and landed in a tilt.Good girlshe thought to her self as she caught her breath. She saw someone move in the conor of her eye and smiled. Max.

“Boo.” she said, turning to face the back wall where he was standing.

“Hey. I counted thirty fouttes, how many did you get?” He asked. It was a thing they had, who ever broke the record for turns, was the best. At everything.

“Thirty.” She said with a small. Max had been her duet panther since they where eight. Dance friends before that. They had bonded when she was eight, and on stage doing nationals. She fell, while doing a jump, and sprained ankle. Max. realizing that that was bad, picked up a crying Payton and carried her off stage.

They’d been best friends ever since.

“Jesus girl, if you do any more you might never stop.” She smiled and study herself in the mirror. Her big sweatshirt, curstory off the studios lost and found, with a black leo underneath and a pair purple booty short. The normal look for her.

“When is class?” She asked Max.

“In a hour.” He replied quickly.

“Why are you her then?”

“We have to practice our duet.”

“Oh.” She had forgotten. They had choreographed, well there teachers had, over the summer. And they learned it in two hours flat. “Ok, hold on a second. Go get the chair. I’ll get my boots.” In the history of there studio, they never had done a dance to a country song. The pair had just broken that history.

She put the song on her Ipod, and slipped on the cowboy boots. She marked the song quickly, and then went to help Max get the chair.

“There you are,” Max said, meeting her in the hallway. “Mary just told me they decide that we are going to have fie duets.” Mary was there dance teacher.



“Shit.” She said simply, and help the door for him as he carried the chair in. “Put that thing centre stage.” She walked over and stood on the chair.

“Ready when you are.” She said, as the beat from Luke Brayn Country girl filled her ears and moved her hips.

The End

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