the lonely oneMature

She could feel the tremble of her own pulse, but nothing else.  Fear was a beast that rolled inside of her chest as she pulled her fingers away from his clammy throat.  Already, she could feel herself disconnecting from the situation. 

This ain’t my fault, she thought.  Her lips moved, miming the words.  I ain’t got no one to rely on, she thought, no one to teach me.  Her hands shook violently but she clutched them to her ribs, ignoring it.  It was not the worst of what was to come. 

She tried to keep her eyes from flicking back to the body at her feet, his jacket covering up the tatters of her tennis shoes.  She’d been running for so long.  I’s hungry, she thought dismissively.  It ain’t my fault I ain’t got no one to teach me.

She clutched her torso as the warmth spread, closing her eyes.  This was her favorite part – the rest of it she could leave behind, but the warmth was what kept her coming back.  At least, that’s what she told herself.

Soon, she would need to get up and move on.  Run s’more, she thought, like always.  She wished she could stop running.  But they would find her, and she knew what would happen then.  The folk didn’t take too kindly to what she was.  Sc’ured a monsters as they were.

The End

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