Name: Max Everett

Age: 15

Looks: He's tall and gangly, with clumsy limbs that are only ever graceful when he dances. He's got red hair that are as unruly as the rest of him, and liquid brown eyes. He has a beautiful smile that people rarely get to see because he's usually too shy to show it.

Personality: He's shy and awkward, and is only ever relaxed around his close bunch of friends. Dancing is the one way for him to really be free, and he plays no heed to the fact that he's on centre stage when he's lost in a dance. Because of his shyness he's only close to a small group of people, and gets very attached and possessive of them.

Name: Payton (Pay) Leons

Age: 15

Looks: She is short fir her age, about 5'1. She has meduim length goldon hair. Her hair is wavy, but she always has in stright, in a bun, or in a pony tail so you really couldn't tell. She has big sea blue eyes, and tiny ears.

Perosontily: She is the dirty minded on out of her group of friends, but is very sweet. She is not shy, the oppistoe. Though, she gets shy when she is scared or nevores. She is very moody, and not justwhen she is PMSING.

The End

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