the unknown

Connor blinked at the beautiful sight. That smile that it had just shown... was it really there? Or was it just some mirage, or hallucination? That was unknown; an enigma that stumped him. Well, if it was right in front of his eyes, obviously it had to be real. The amusement on the face of the Phoenix stretched farther across it. Raising its wings, the Phoenix held its head up, beak facing the golden fireball that was the sun. A column of fire rose high into the air, uplifting the Phoenix into middair.  It flapped its wings gracefully. With each flap of its wings, a tremendous heat sank into the air. Then Connor heard a voice break through his mind. The voice rang like a thousand chimes.

Hahaha! Hello! Rider of the Skies! Connor, join me for a flight around the ring, the voice said.

Connor peered around, bewildered. His eyes were then transfixed upon the Phoenix. We shall fly around the unknown lands.

"Um... is that you talking to me?" he asked.

Who else? The magical squirrel? Of course it is me!

The End

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