Pt 4 - Flames of AnilystaMature

Calarius’ eyes slowly dimmed in intensity as he continued to watch Layna. “But I never found the other half of the prophecy, it’s incomplete….” He continued to stare at her.

Her eyes widened as she quickly blocked her mind, making it impossible for anyone to hear her thoughts.."That can't be..he can never find it.." Taking a quick breath, she responded to him. "I have heard of such things before..but only as myths..I am sorry..I can not help you with that..I am only a guardian and the secrets i keep do not carry such importance. The elders held such things to themselves."
She moved towards him again.."Calarius, if i have answered your question..Can I now leave? " Her eyes pleading with him as she asked the question.

Calarius eyed her, she seemed to tense as he spoke, and she was with holding something he was sure of it. “No” he stated flatly, if there was one thing he hated it was when information he wanted was with held. His eyes suddenly turned a violent shade of red and he began to speak in the same hypnotic voice as before trying to slowly hypnotize her into opening up her mind “Relax your mind and reveal to me what you know, I must know of this Second to come, Reveal to me the information within..”

Layna's mind flatly refused his power. She had centuries of practice holding the secrets she carried, strengthening her mind against such invasions.
"No, Calarius..You will not take what does not belong to you. You gave me your word that I could go and I answered what you asked."
The heat in her body was rising as she started to get annoyed with him. "You will let me leave now, gave me your word.."

He glared at her “Yes I did, but you have not answered my question, you body and mind betrayed that fact as you tensed and sealed your mind.” He had been using his hypnotic powers for well over nine hundred years and had found ways to worm his way around most obstacles in his way. Slowly he began to conjure up images in her mind, violent images from his past that sent shivers even through him. “Do you wish this upon the world again? Why do you resist me, I am the first I know I am destined to die, and I know one of whom shall kill me…but I could prevent this” he conjured up an image of a village burning, orphans screaming as they were either burned alive or slaughtered ruthlessly by the pillager's. “This is the type of thing I can prevent, I will not allow this upon the world!”
He sent wave after wave of these images into her mind, several times portraying Kyle dying at the hands of a figure in the shadows wearing all blue or red. “I COULD PREVENT THIS!”

The End

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