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"I am Layna Surya Valden, Guardian of the Fire Dragons and keeper of their secrets...." She stopped for a moment and then continued " … I know who you are, Calarius, and I could have gone on the rest of my life never meeting you and been quite content, I'm sure..." She smirked having said her peace, and he thought also from what he assumed she thought to be an insult. He had lived with who he was for over a thousand years, there were many people who would have been ‘quite content’ to have never met him, most of whom were dead. But this was different, SHE was different.

His eyes narrowed and changed in hue to a lighter dark blue. His eye color had always reflected his mood, and this was no different. He stared at her for what seemed an eternity, often noting that she seemed disconcerted with his gaze at her. His eyes quickly scanning and rescanning her face. His eyes suddenly went wide with revelation and recognition, his mouth opened slightly. He then seemed to regain a sense of self and swiftly turning away he said in a very audibly shaky voice “Are…are you hungry? I’ll go and fetch you some fruit, I know a place where it grows wild and sweet….” His voice trailed off “Please excuse my actions earlier, though I know you probably won’t, I…. I was in the grips of a blood lusting…” again his voiced trailed off with a hint of what sounded like a sort of sorrow or regret. “I’ll go and fetch the fruit for you, I’ll return shortly”

Without warning he tore off at a speed that did not seem possible considering his injuries, soon he was lost to the ever-present darkness. It was nearly ten minuets before he returned a sack slung over his shoulder. “These should sustain you for a day or so…I.. “Again his voiced trailed off and he seemed unable to look her in the face but mearly stared at the black abyss that was more or less a floor with a look of sorrow upon his face. Turning so his back was to her he said simply “If you have need of anything, call my name or curse it if you like. I’ll be here in a flash to see what I can do for you…” he turned his head so that his face was over his left shoulder she could see the left side of his face “ …And before you ask that question your thinking, I cannot let you go…. Yet…. I still have some questions.”

With that he again took off into the darkness disappearing into the abyss before she had a chance to speak a word or for that matter, move a muscle. He ran like he had not run for ages. She looks just like her, but they could not be any more worlds apart, so why can I not seem to even look at her? Damn it she’s dead you immortal fool, she’s dead and its your fault. Just get to your resting-place and heal…AND QUIT THINKING ABOUT HER! He soon emerged back into the great hall that he had been sitting at earlier in the day. Walking slowly and with measured steps he crossed the hall went past his throne and into the shadows beyond.

He walked along a long corridor till he came to a large room that smelled heavily of death and decay. Discarded corpses of thousands of creatures from all realms lay scattered across the floor finally cumulating in a large mound near the rear. There were what appeared to be steps made from bones leading up the mound to something that resembled a coffin made from flesh bone and various unidentifiable parts. Calarius scrunched up his nose in disgust, he hated this place, even if this is where the lords of hell decided he should be born. Slowly he mounted the steps and once he neared the coffin it opened like a hungry Venus flytrap that was waiting for a fly to land. With a look of disgust upon his face Calarius climbed into the monstrosity and closed his eyes I’ll never get used to this stench soon his thoughts turned to ancient troubled dreams of his first love, and the mother of the vampire race.


A few hours had passed before Layna touched the fruit Calarius had brought her. She tried to understand the sudden change in his demeanor but was so confused. He had gone out of his way to get this but could not look directly into my eyes. She shook it off, knowing that unless she spoke with him again, it was something she may never understand.

Layna started to look at her surroundings Well, this is interesting way way out.. No one had ever held her captive like this before and it started to make her slightly anxious. Layna began pacing back and forth, playing with the piece of fruit in her hands. Her mind to too preoccupied to think of food right now. Then she remembered what he had said as she used her mind to call to him.


Calarius was deep in a hellish nightmare when Layna called out to him, Calarius . His eyes snapped open as did his grotesque coffin. Looking down he saw that his the flesh over his wounds had healed somewhat, but not nearly completely. Quickly getting out of the coffin he walked out of the coffin chamber and into the main hall. Swiftly walking over to a doorway on the right side of the hall, Calarius walked into what looked like a giant closet.
Though this closet only contained the same set of cloths hundreds of times over. He quickly stripped and put on a fresh set of cloths discarding his battle torn set before walking back into the hall and over to a heavily shadowed wall. Not stopping he walked straight into the shadow and into the shadows realm. He swiftly made his way back to the area he left Layna. He stopped no more than five feet from her bowing with his right arm extended out to his side and his left holding his midsection mainly to keep it from ripping open again. “Milady Layna, you called?” he asked while keeping his gaze averted from her.

She noticed he once again refused to look directly at her, His eyes shifting from her gaze. She stepped towards him, now only an arm's length away..
"Why can you not look into my eyes? Look at me!!" He voice seemed to echo around them. "I would expect something like this from your lowly brood but not from some like you.."

That last comment bit deep into his pride, slowly he raised his gaze to meet hers. “ You wouldn’t want to know…” His eyes seemed to soften greatly from what they were hours ago. “ …and you probably wouldn’t like what you’d hear. Is this all you called me for?” and silently to himself he finished off that last statement in his thoughts to remind me of what Ive lost, and what I will never have, or how much I am beginning to loath Kyle for my envy towards him… Again he turned his gaze away from hers.

Layne reached out and grabbed him the by the arm.."Do not turn away from took away and brought me to this dark and empty place..the least you could do is answer my questions.." The anger flashed in her eyes as she held on to his arm. " I do not wish to remind you of anything.." Layna had heard the rest of his thoughts..."I only wish to understand all this.." She released his arm as her voice softened. Silently, she backed away from him.

Hawke finally opened his eyes, looking up at the sky above him, but more, Killrae. "How long was I out?" He asked, not moving, but grateful that the pain was no longer there...
"Not long... a few minutes..." Killrae answered, something else clearly on her mind..
Hawke paused, clearly curious as to what was wrong in her thoughts, then finally asked, "What is it?"
She looked away from him for a long moment... "It's possible I might be able to get you to her... but I can't do it until my strength has returned..."
Hawke's eyes narrowed slightly, "How long?"
"I don't know..." She sighed, ...and even then, I don't know if it'll still work...

When Layna grabbed his arm Calarius turned his head too look down at her hand around his arm. gods, their almost identical… slowly lifting his gaze Calarius searched Layna’s face. “You look like the only lover I’ve ever had, she died when she gave birth to the first of my children, now long dead to hunters…the brood that exists today is the remnants of their ravagings of mortal women….” He sighed “I wish to discuss this no longer, follow me and I shall lead you away from this place…I will not exit here, not while that sprite or the…or Kyle is around.” Calarius began to walk past her while thinking to himself why did I stop from cursing? Was it because of her…. All the more reason to let her go she is beginning to affect you…. I cannot allow this to happen the prophecy must be fulfilled..

She suddenly felt sorrow for him and understood why he could not look at her. Layna's eyes softened as she looked at him. She could sense his pain.. Even those who seem heartless feel it as well.., she thought to herself.
She stayed silent for a moment, remembering what he had mentioned earlier.."Before I had questions for said they needed to be answered before I could leave..." Regardless of what or who he was, he had shown her kindness when he could have easily killed her. This was the least she could.

Calarius stopped and slowly turned to face her, he had almost forgotten about his questions. Once again he scanned her face as, if looking for something. He chose his words carefully. “Have you ever heard of the Dragons oracle?” for the first time he stared directly into her eyes listening carefully with both his mind and ears.

She hadn't heard those words in a long time and her body stiffened at the sound of them.."Yes..I know what the Oracle is..but why would you want knowledge of it? "
Layne began to worried slightly. Most of those who knew of the Oracle were no dead and the vampire's interest in it set her on edge.

Calarius took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He seemed to be concentrating on something and slowly he began to speak, his voice much deeper and more hypnotic than ever before “ Around the time I was born the dragon oracle spoke a prophecy foretelling the end of the Fourth age, our age” He slowly opened his eyes they were a bright blue, the brightest his eyes had ever been almost like two Ice crystal shards glowing behind his eyes. Again he spoke in the same deep hypnotic voice “ This is the Prophecy of the Dark lord as foretold by the Dragon oracle….

Heed the prophecies for the end comes

There are wheels within wheels

The Great Cycle of Being brings forth the Age of Sorrow

The Ages may crumble

Beneath the weight of The One Thousand Hells

Then will come the fourth Age

The Age of Darkness

All will be laid low

Through marriages of tormented blood

One will come to lay waste to all

Another yet to follow

The two will conquer with Shadow, Earth, Fire and Water

Many will fall to the storms building torrent

The lands will shake and the wind will howl

A great one will fall to the Kings of Hell spawn

strange Gods shall come to roam the world

A mortal kingdom will fall

A desperate Lord will throw his armies against a superior foe

The dark one of greater might with feasting armies

Driven to madness by the lusting blood

will reanimate the corpses in the earth

Compelling them to steal the breath of mortality

Heed the words for a meaning can break

Look to the cautious mage and the human Dragon

Ten Thousand Demons from Ten Thousand Hells

shall fall to their companions might

The realm of shadow

cast in light

marks the hour

for honorees Shadow War

and the end of the first

but beginning for the second.”

The End

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