12 year old Connor meets a pheonix and is introduced to a world called The Ring. To prove himself worthy of the creatures and and people of the realm, he must become a Pheonix rider, the warriors of The Ring. He must become one with his pheonix. During his stay in The Ring, Connor meets a girl rider, who he falls in love with, Michelle. As a battle approches, Michelle disappears. When the battle ensues, Connor discovers that Michelle has now been forced to fight for the other army. Connor must

Chapter 1 Rise of a Rider

The town of Rayzon darkened as clouds inturrupted the deep blue skies.12 year old Connor looked up from his sketches.A storm was probably on the way. A sudden flash made him leap to his feet. Momentairely blinded, he stumbled, confused and waited,sprawling on the grass, for his eyes to adjust. When he could see,an unbeliveable sight met his eyes. Swooping down from the now bright blue skies was a Phoenix,its plumage a brilliant gold. Landing gracefully on the ground next to him,it appeared to be friendly. Connor advanced cautiously,not wanting to offend the beautiful bird.The creature eyed Connor with an eye of brightest blue. Unsure, Connor stepped forward slowly, and bowed his head to be respectful. When he looked up, it was looking at him with a mix of amusement and friendliness.


"I'm not the prime minister here Connor. You don't have to bow down before me."

The mental contact ran through him like a sharp current.

" You can... talk?"

"No.....it's the easter bunny talking."

Stunned, Connor fell to his knees.

"Sorry, did I startle you? I can do the whole swooping down from the clouds thing again.... Maybe i'll roar this time.."

"No, I.. I just can't  believe that a phoenix is talking to me."

"You can call me Fiera."

"Um, ok?"

"Don't just sit there and gawk like a moron, we have to go! It may not seem so but we're on a time schedual here!"

"Wait, go where?"

"Hoo boy. No time for questions. Get on my back and let's go."

"But if I climb on your back i'll become Kentucky Fried Connor!"

"Geez. Do you really think I came here unprepared? Look. See this thing on my back?"

Fiera pointedly looked at a black saddle on her back.


"Alright. Hurry up before I make sure that  Kentucky Fried Connor is available." She said grumpily.

"OK, OK.." He said hurredly, clambering onto the magnificent creature.

"Hold on, here we go,"

And then Fiera launched herself into the clouds.

The End

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