Fixing Tallulah

Tallulah Kelly isn't funny, charming or talkative - much less pretty. She doesn't put her hand up in class, she doesn't speak in school unless she is asked a question by a teacher. She doesn't allow anyone to break down her walls that she put up ever since Edward. When people compliment her or attempt to start a conversation with her, she walks away, not wanting to be rude but not wanting her heart to get broken again. However, when she attends a new school in Colorado, Swanner High, she meets

Fixing Tallulah - Intro

I hopped out of the school bus and slowly shuffled up the road. I had taken the bus to school because my Dad was out at an interview.

 To be honest with you, my face was... ugly, I guess. The only thing interesting about me was my name, but the rest of me was plain, boring... Dull.

My hair isn’t what you’d call ‘shiny’ or ‘bouncy’. It was just a dull chesnutt color  – and to tell you the truth, I didn’t really shower as much as all the other girls did, or use amazing shampoos and conditioners. My Dad bought all of my hair products from the super market, so they were really cheap - looks didn't matter to me, really. You learn what is important and what isn't when you lose someone that means a lot to you. My skin wasn’t bronze like the other girls, or really pale.  Just a plain sort of color; nothing special.

Maybe you’re disappointed by the way I looked? Maybe you were expecting some kind of popular, amazing, beautiful, interesting teenager with the perfect life.

That’s not me.

I’m Tallulah Kelly, and this is my story.




I tried to hold in the tears that were stinging at the back of my eyes. I blinked a couple of times, turning away so that no one noticed. I nodded my head thank you at the woman who showed me the way to reception as I made my way to the front desk.

“Hi…” I said, approaching the front desk. The receptionist looked like she was very bored, maybe only a couple years older than me. You could tell by the way she was texting and had a pink streak coming down her black hair. She was dressed like a Goth, and it kind of freaked me out.

“Whadd’ya want, kid?” She asked, still tapping away on her BlackBerry, not looking up from the screen.

“Uh, I’m new.” I said nervously.

“And?” She asked, her dark blue eyes boring into mine. “What do ya want me to do about it?”

“Don’t I need a timetable or something…?” I suggested, wondering why the school even hired a girl like her in the first place.

“Yeah, sure, whatever. What’s your name, kid?” She asked, turning on the computer at her… ‘desk’ that could not be seen with the blanket of rubbish that lay over it.

“Uh… Tallulah. Kelly. Tallulah Kelly…” I replied quickly, finally remembering my name.

The receptionist handed me a timetable and a map. I scanned the timetable to see what my subjects were: Drama, Science, History, Art and Dance. It sounded okay, I supposed. I just wondered how I was going to find my way round – This map was hand-drawn, and I couldn't even read any of the room numbers the girl had scribbled on.

“You’re going to fit in just fine,” Were the words my Dad said before I left for the bus this morning.

Yeah, right. 


The End

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