His Face Was PricelessMature

I really know how to choose my moments.

So I kissed Marie Antoinette on the day before she was going to be married to Louis XVI, the Dauphin (Prince) of France and crowned Queen. It wasn’t my wisest move. But hey, you only live once. A fact that was beginning to become annoyingly present in my mind as bullets missed me by hairs-breadths.

I sprinted round another corner, putting more distance between the guards and myself. More appeared in the corridor ahead of me, and I took a sharp left up a flight of stairs. They were forcing me towards the top floor, where they would have me cornered. Or so they thought.

I just needed to stall for more time. I didn’t want to risk jumping blind again – looking at the mess it got me into this time around I think you can understand why. The sooner I could get a ‘lock’ on where I needed to go, the sooner I could be out of here and safe. But you couldn't just go to Sanctuary. You had to find it. And even once you’ve found it, it’s still trickier to get back to. You’ve already met my ‘Rule 5’ – do your research. Well this is my ‘Rule 6’ – never blindly jump to Sanctuary.

The sound of boots behind me broke me out of my train of thought, and I took the last part of the stairs three at a time. This was the top floor, and now I had nowhere else to run. I walked to the end of the corridor, staring out the windows that overlooked the rest of the city. I glanced downwards – it was a long way.

The first of the guards stormed up the stairs, swung round and fired wildly. The shot zipped past my shoulder, breaking the glass of the window at my back. He stepped to one side to reload, and more soldiers moved to take his place. I raised my hands in surrender, as the last of the guards and an out of breath Louis arrived on this floor, blocking the width of the corridor and my escape (all of them blocked it, not just Louis. He wasn't fat).

Louis drew his sword from its sheath – well decorated, ceremonial but still deadly sharp. He held it low in a fencing stance, but there was arrogance in his walk – he had me cornered with a force of around fifty amassing behind him. The ball wasn’t just in his court. I didn’t have a court for it to be in. It was fifty versus only me. Well, my power and me.

“You will die for your actions, swine.” Louis spat, raising his sword.

“Bring it, you pompous twat.” I goaded him on, making myself an open target by holding my arms out to my sides.

With a roar, he lunged forwards. At the same time, I jumped backwards, crashing through the window as I felt his blade nick my stomach. Too close for comfort.

I felt weightlessness take me, and smirked at Louis’s shocked face as I folded my arms across my chest – and disappeared. 

The End

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