a day out

Ms.Bell heaved herself from the sticky leather apholstry of taxi #99086. she began to unfold her walker, glaring at the back of the unhelpful driver's head as if willing him to get out and ask to lend a hand. of course, he didnt, instead he turned around, looking hopefully at her, expecting payment. she nodded at her walker and made a deliberate attempt to unfold it as slowly as possible, all the while leering at the driver, who cleared his throat impatiantly. "alright then! here's your 8.50" sophia squaked at the man, handing him his change. "lazy oaf" she muttered, tottering away onto the rainy sidewalk. above her loomed a giant, white building. pillers jutted up from the overlarge staircase that lead to its double glass doors, but it was neither the pillars nore the doors sophia was dreading, it was the stair case. here eyes drifted in and out of focus, the white of the building bouncing obnoxiously into them."uerhg!" she growled loudly, turning the heads of passers by. shegrumbled something appologeticaly. "stairs..." she could do it, of course she could climb stairs! placing one hand firmly on her middle back, as the other gripped her walker she began the dismal assent.

Sweating and shuttering sophia angrily swung a door open, ignoring its brass handle emblazoned "push". she hobbled acros the large marble clad foyer to a reception desk. the woman at the desk continued to stare down at her laptop, ignoring sophia, who cleared her throat. still nothing. she coughed. the receptionist glanced breifly away from the screen, looking instead at a large brass bell engraved with "push for service". sophia made no effort to ding the little bell and instead marched off towards a large set of wooden doors at the far end of the hall.

"you cant go in there miss!" the rude lady stood up, manicuted nails clutching a pen as if to use it as a wand."you have to ring the bell!" sophia glared at the woman, then at the bell, which began to ring frantically. confused the woman dropped her pen and snatched up the little bell. sophia took advantage of this moment to sneak in through one of the double wooden doors.

The End

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