seventy two years later

sophia bell was in a bad mood, as she had been for a number of years. her back ached as she sat in the bath tub reading, or more, trying to read, but her skinny little arm wouldent hold the blasted book out of the water. she grunted and gave up, hoisting herself out of the bath and onto the floor, feeling much like a very old walrus. once she had gotten up, off the floor and got a firm grip on her walker, she bent down to lift the plug and let the water out, causing much objection from her back. grunting again she left the room to get dressed.

half an hour later she pulled on her sweater, her hair still somewhat wet. the sweater was red and covered in obnoxious yellow bobbles. sohpia hated yellow. she also hated bobbles. actually, come to think of it, sophia just remembered she hated red as well. oh well, stupid sweater, better were it though, she thought, else, what would be the point in my making it?

she grasped her walker again and made her way towards the door. she twisted the knob but it stuck. she rattled it, and yanked on it and eventually put her foot against the wall for leavrage, but it wouldent open. sophia sat down on the floor, arms folded.

she thought hard.


oh. right. keys.

she got to her feet and wheeled the walker into her kitchen, angrily looking around the room. there, in the basket by the microwave. she glared at it and the keys rose into the air. sophia turned to leave, the floating keys following behind her obediantly, and doing there best not to jingle. sophia hated it when things jingled.


The End

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