Five answers.

  Cally took the list of answers from her pocket. It was stupid to think that she could get here in time. Stupid to think he'd wait. Stupid not to mention anything all those months, when she'd been afraid of bringing it up. She sighed, and tried to stop herself from getting too upset. It was a good thing, surely. They were only young. They were going to opposite ends of the country! It couldn't have worked...Cally heaved another sigh, this time shaky from the tears she was fighting to keep back and painful from the amount of running she had done. Well, she could always look on the bright side- she'd got some exercise in today. And they were still friends. It wasn't like she'd lost everything...

  The train pulled out of the station, and Cally rubbed at her eyes impatiently. She didn't even know why she was still here, watching him leaving. Maybe it was because she knew she was looking in every window, risking the improbability of seeing him, if only a glimpse. He probably wasn't even thinking of her. The last carriage left, and Cally shut her eyes to a sudden gust of dust onto the platform.

  "Cally!" Her eyes shot open again at the sound of his voice. She looked up and he was standing there, backpack weighing his arm down, his hair dishevelled and face uncertain as to how she might react. Their faces mirrored disbelief which quickly faded to...

  "Joe!" Cally turned and ran to the steps connecting the platforms, her eyes flitting each second to his, as if to assure herself that this was real. Joe quickly caught on and did the same, both of them scaling the metal stairs as they closed the gap between each other. Joe was just that bit quicker, and he stopped infront of Cally, whose hair was pushed from her face by the heat, her eyes still red and her cheeks streaked with the few rogue tears that had forced their way down her face. The silence that passed them hung in the hot air as Cally held up the note Joe had written.

  "What does it...what does it say, at the end?"

  Joe looked her in the eyes. "You know what it says."

  "Yes, but how do I know you mean it?"

  Joe shook his head, smiling at her lack of belief in him. "You want me to prove it?" She nodded silently, smirking a little. He bent forward and taking the note from her, took Cally's face in his hands and met her parted lips with his own. Cally felt relief and gratitude and joy sweep over her all at once in a flourish, and wound her arms round his neck as they stood, united on a bridge over the platforms of a train station. Joe let the note flutter down from his pocket, and it was blown over track and concrete and field, into the distance, along with the torn corner of a note, three words which no longer needed to be written down for Joe to convey them.

  I love you.

The End

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