Question Five.

5. No idea. It's going to take me a bloody long time though. I'm sorry Cally, forcing this on you now of all times, but

  Francoise took a minute out of dancing to run across to Cally, who was talking with other students from their and Joe's schools, all of whom would be going to university in a matter of weeks. The large garden was dark, but the light of the stars was aided by the strings of fairy lights around the dancefloor, giving a touch of extreme planning despite hardly doing anything, a quality associated solely to Francoise.

  "Isn't this the best leaving high school party you have ever been to?"

  "Fran, this is the only leaving high school party I've been to!" Cally laughed, then seeing her friend's face corrected herself. "That said I don't think anyone could do a better job."

  Francoise flicked her hair triumphantly, and then hearing a new song made an obvious resistance to clapping her hands in delight. "Cally, come dance! This is our song!" She grabbed Cally's wrist and dragged her along to the dancefloor. After a while Cally noticed Francoise was smirking at her, as if she were keeping something from her.

  "What are you thinking about?"

  Francoise clapped her hands to her face in mock shock. "I'm not thinking about anything!...Except, yknow, Joe doesn't seem to have turned up yet, has he?"

  "Erm, I can't really say I've been looking..." Cally mumbled, looking down.

  "You are such a bad liar! You've been turning about for the last ten minutes hoping to catch a glance." By this point Cally noticed that Francoise had dragged her over to the drinks table, which was fortunately unoccupied at that moment. "Cally, you like him, don't you?"

  Cally frowned, wondering what the right response would be. Francoise was giving her that "I know everything so you may as well admit it" face, which she couldn't avoid forever... "No!...Okay, maybe, but keep your voice down will you? I don't even know if he likes me back." Francoise snorted. "Fran!"

  "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Francoise giggled. "But if you seriously think that, you are a lot less observant than I'd thought." Cally saw Francoise nod behind her, and flicking her head around saw Joe enter through Francoise's gate into the garden, looking around. "Go for it, you don't have a thing to lose." She hugged Cally and then raising her voice waved at Joe. "Joe! Over here!" Running off Francoise spun back to Cally and mouthed "you're welcome" before greeting more guests.

  "Hey." Joe and Cally said at once, then laughed off the moment of possible awkwardness. "No, you go." Cally said, smiling.

  "Well, erm." Joe handed Cally a small box from his jacket pocket. "Just a little present for university. No, no," he waved his hands as Cally started to thank him. "It's no bother." He smiled as Cally opened the box to reveal a delicate silver necklace, on which a small green and blue pendant was attached. The swirls swam in toward each other, until at the centre Cally could see a small heart of silver. She looked at it in silence. Joe was confused as to how the present was taken. "If you don't like it, I can take it back.."

  Cally looked up shocked. "No, Joe it's beautiful! I love it..." She took it from the box and strung it around her neck, before throwing her arms rather violently over Joe's neck. "Aww, how am I going to last without you?"

The End

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