Five seconds.

Cally ran, red faced, out onto the platform, her eyes scanning frantically over the concrete. She was on platform 1..where was he? She ran back into the ticket office, the platform ticket fluttering in her shaky grip. Platform four. The time was running out, and Cally felt as if she were in a dream sequence as she tore over the bridge, her feet pounding heavily on the metal as she nearly tripped a step and bumped into people with large briefcases who glared after her. She ran across the strip of platform, searching and resisting the temptation to call out to Joe as she got more and more desperate for the sight of his face. A train pulled into the platform opposite and with an awful sinking feeling Cally realised she was in the wrong place. There was nothing more to do, as the people piled on endlessly...


Joe looked around the now empty waiting room as he picked up his bag and subconsciously heaved a sigh. It was a long shot, something he should never have tried...still, he'd allow just five more seconds for-

"Joe!" The voice was unmistakable. Joe stood up hurriedly and almost ran onto the platform, scouring the various faces in the mass moving into the train. She had to be there, he wasn't just hearing things. "Cally?" He murmured, afraid to call out in case it had just all been in his head. He looked again, and then joined the crowd getting onto the train. He had three hours to recover from this blow, and to carry on. They were still friends, after all...sitting down dejectedly he leaned his head lazily against the window pane, and stared onto the empty platform opposite. Empty- except for a young woman, dressed simply in a T-shirt and shorts in the burst of summer heat, her brow furrowed and her face down-turned as she crumpled up what looked like a ticket. He watched wide-eyed as the girl took out a crumpled piece of paper from her pocket and looked at it longingly. As if there were unanswered questions... Joe stood up again and made his way to the door of the carriage.

"I need to get off this train, I've made a mistake. This isn't my train." He muttered as he shuffled past the people looking for spare seats. He was trying to remain calm but he couldn't help pressing the door button with a sense of urgency.

The train pulled out of the platform.

The End

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