Question four.

4.He'd never be good enough.

  Cally and Francoise sat on a park bench, pensively slurping at their milkshakes. The sky was a vivid blue as Francoise looked up at it, but Cally was too absorbed in her own mind to notice it. They had been having a good day, and Cally had completely managed to forget about the impending exams in the next few weeks...until they had come across George, in a more than comfortable state with his newest girlfriend. Cally couldn't help still feeling a pang after this immature boy- mainly because she was embarassed at having shared so many personal details with him. He knew her life story, her hopes and fears, and had discarded them in the space of two months for a girl in the year below who wore her school blouse with more buttons undone than was necessary. Joe joined the two girls as they were discussing this same subject.

  "He's such a creep. I can't believe I was nice to him. He sucks, he really really sucks." Francoise gripped her milkshake in a deadly vice as she denounced George of anything nice she had ever thought him to be. "He's a coward, and a pervert, and...and a coward, and a pervert..."

  Cally looked at her with a reluctant smile, as her mood slowly began to brighten. "I know, I don't really like him any more...It's just," they rose and started to meander through the park, arms linked, as Joe followed them. "I really thought he was a nice guy."

  Francoise looked almost as if she had been slapped. "A nice guy? A nice guy?"

  "Woah! Franny! Shrill!" Joe couldn't help intervening, if not for Cally's sake then for that of his hearing. Francoise narrowed her eyes at him for using her hated nickname, but turned to Cally and smiled.

  "I'm sorry, but seriously. Look at you. Look at him. No, no, don't look at him! He's not worth looking at!" 

  "Okay, you're going a tad OTT now," Cally smirked, aware that now Francoise had started on her rant she could not be silenced until she had finished.

  "All I'm saying," Francoise took a deep breath and Cally and Joe exchanged glances, anticipating a verbal dissertation. "He doesn't deserve you, that's all. He isn't good enough." With that she straightened her back, as if a judgement had been passed that should not be disagreed with. Cally giggled as Joe mumbled something.

  Cally's head spun around. "What did you say?" She looked Joe in the eye.

  "Oh...nothing." Joe shrugged and Cally frowned at him, as if she had heard something else. "Okay, now Francoise has established in her head a deep resentment which will no doubt turn into a Facebook group this evening, what shall we do?"

The End

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