Five Minutes.

  Cally ran into the station entrance, her legs burning from a sudden spurt of exercise after two months of relaxing. She stood, hands on hips, looking frantically at the board of departures, trying to find an error in the time she saw. 15.00. It was scheduled to leave at five to, it had to be a mistake. There had to be some kind of mistake. She could not have come here to find that it was a mistake. Then again...six months, six long months Cally had had the time to act, and hadn't. Maybe this was some cruel twist of fate, the kind of karma that people like Francoise swore by. Destiny...which had left five minutes before she had arrived. Still Cally felt in her gut a sense of presence, as if there was still time.

  "14.55 to Newcastle...delayed. Estimated time of arrival: 15.05"

  Five minutes. Cally's destiny had been given five more minutes. She felt her breath still shallow, thought whether from the running or the sudden lift of despair she could not tell. She ran to the ticket booth, and her throat strained to get the words out:

  "Is there any way I can get onto the platform? Just for five minutes."

  The woman in the booth lowered her glasses and looked over them accusatorily. "I'm afraid you can't just go out there without a ticket. There's a pass that allows you onto the platforms if you want..."

  "How much?"

The End

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