Question three.

  3.No, I just like your cockiness when you win these things.

  Cally shoved Joe playfully as they meandered through the park one afternoon in the February half term, Joe's backpack, full of various books from the library for his dissertation, slung lazily over one arm. "I really don't see how a book that big can be about something so boring." She looked sideways to gauge Joe's reaction.

  "I think you will find," Joe puffed his chest out in mock pride. "That you wouldn't have any of your arty stuff without the wonders of science. Like..."

 "Like?" Cally smirked as it dawned on Joe that he didn't know anything about art.

  "Whatever, Miss Know-It-All. Remember when you got H2O and H2SO4 confused in GCSE chemistry?"

  Cally's eyes narrowed. "Anyone could have made that mistake!"

  "As if!" They laughed and Cally tried to recover. "Well, I will have you know that your last argument is invalid, as it is ad hominem, attacking the opposition, as opposed to the actual argument I'm putting forward which is that your subject isn't interesting in the slightest. HA."

  Joe was silent for a minute, looking at her with a strange expression that Cally didn't quite recognise as defeat, which she was expecting to see. "Well?" she baited him gently. "Got no more arguments- too afraid I'm going to beat you?" Joe was silent once more and he smiled as if he wanted to say an answer but didn't want to interrupt Cally's metaphorical lap of victory. She grinned, pleased at this, and they stood facing each other like this for a while, though it didn't feel like long to them. Something seemed to have clicked silently inside them, just for a moment, as Joe slowly lent towards her and Cally felt her breath catch in her throat. The gap between them closed in and for a second it seemed unreal, almost frightening to Cally, and she subconsciously bit her lip in anticipation.

  Then in just as quick a moment the connection slipped back and the two stood there awkwardly, both wondering whether they had dreamt this, whether the other didn't want this. Too afraid to ask, Joe shifted his backpack and muttered something about it being cold. Cally agreed mutely and they walked back, Joe placing his jacket around Cally's shoulders in a silent reminder of something that could have been.


The End

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