Five people.

  There were five people in the waiting room, seeking some shade from the abnormally warm August morning. A woman on the phone to her boyfriend; two student girls looking through holiday photos on a digital camera; a man dressed in a smart suit rustling his copy of The Guardian; and a tall eighteen year old slumped slightly in his seat, staring down at the piece of paper in his hand.

  Joe couldn't remember the moment when he had placed the scrumpled, ripped edge into his jean pockets, nor when after arriving at the station he had taken it out and smoothed the paper out, as if it in his eyes it were an important document. This small, insignificant scrap. It had been a good idea that he'd taken the corner. He didn't want to make things awkward. Because they were such good...friends.


  The two girls in the waiting room burst into peals of laughter that echoed into the cool, almost draughty room. It pulled Joe back into reality. Where they were friends. And that was just fine. And in ten minutes his future (admittedly it was a delayed future but the train would still come) would start. And he just had to admit it.

  "No! No we can't...noooo..." Joe looked up to see the woman, still on the phone. She seemed to be having an argument with her boyfriend, but Joe could tell it wasn't serious. Her face betrayed the fact that she enjoyed arguing with him.

  He couldn't help remembering a day one February...



The End

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