Five hesitations.

  Cally ran down the road, her heart pounding furiously. Everything willed her to stop, from her dry throat to her hair, slapping around her face from her high ponytail. But she couldn't stop...right? What if it were all for nothing? For all she knew, there could be nothing written on the last corner. He might have gotten an earlier ride: Cally was running to somewhere where she might not even find what -who- she was looking for. He could be halfway along the country. Two hours away and she would be none the wiser. He wasn't answering his phone: the lack of reception. Or an ulterior motive...what if he didn't want to talk. He might hate her, for never realising. All this time... He might have given up hope. He might have given his all to another girl. More deserving than Cally? But...she didn't know...she couldn't have...she didn't...she did.

  Cally stopped and looked behind her shoulder at the road she had sprinted down. Her shoulders heaved with deep breaths of the cold air, which stung at her bare arms and damp cheeks. It could all be a mistake. But she wouldn't know if she didn't find out. She swallowed and continued running past the houses toward the station.

The End

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