Five to Three.

  Cally grabbed her phone up and punched in the numbers. She didn't know what was happening: just an hour ago she had been carefree and totally oblivious to this. The note. The bag. This unbearable anxiety as the dialling tone bore into her head, silencing the conflicting emotions that were flinging themselves about. How could this have taken over her life in such a short time? Unless-

  The answer phone automaton started to talk and Cally sighed, trying to swallow the lump that had slowly formed, unbeknownst to her, whilst she had heard the words "welcome to the orange answerphone service for phone number..."

  Jumping to her feet Cally grabbed her jacket and took the stairs two at a time, calling to her parents in as unwavering a voice as she could muster, and having to stop to lock the door. She looked at her phone, still clutched in her left hand. Two forty.

  It left at five to three.

The End

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