To The Manor

Ele walked through the woods. The sun pierced the trees in various places but the ground was soft, and mossy. Her shoes were slung over her shoulder so that she could feel the coolness beneath her feet. She walked along, sometimes even skipping, occasionally picking up things that caught her eye; a smooth stone, a piece of flint, a pretty leaf.

Her eyes were sharp and she spotted the creature easily. It was huddled in a patch of grass and she could not resist the urge to go to the creature. She carefully crept towards it, making soft cooing noises as she did. The poor thing had been abandoned; perhaps its mother had been killed. This tugged at Ele’s heart strings all the more after what had happened to Mama.

She picked up the small bundle of fluff and stroked it softly while singing a lullaby her Mama had often sang to her. She offered it a few crumbs from her pocket and the little thing quickly ate them. He snuggled in close to Ele’s chest as she held him and she smiled while looking down on the tiny goose.

“Well now, it seems you have found a new Mama...perhaps I might find my own mother too in time. I shall name you...Ernie. You are my own sweet little goose.”

She held him close to her chest and walked the rest of the way through the woods. Her heart beat faster as every step lead her closer to Morgan Manor where it seemed her fate may lie.

As the trees became more and more sparse she could see the manor in the distance. She clutched the small goose tightly to her chest and breathed in deeply. She felt her feet would hardly move to take her to this place. As she neared the main building she noticed a large section of orchards, a lake, several out buildings and well-tended gardens.

She drew in a deep breath and, mustering up some bravado from somewhere, she marched down the path that led straight to the main entrance of the large manor. She wondered who these Morgan’s were that had accumulated so much wealth as to have such a beautiful home and how would they help her find her true family. More importantly, would they be able to help her find Mama?

Her head brimmed with all kinds of questions as she stepped up to the large wooden door. She patted Ernie on the head and then knocked as loudly as she could.

The End

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