Cometh The Angels

Sometimes the blackness faded and she saw things, mostly memories in pieces that weren't quite fitting together. Sometimes she just saw colours, other times there was a beating in her head. She heard snatches of conversation but wasn't sure if it was real or from her memories...everything had blurry edges.

She heard someone speak in a soft voice.

“ bring the fever down...”

A new angel was here, helping her...a fever she said. Ele was scared.

She reached out her hand and grasped for the angel, her arm felt small...she had always imagined angels to be larger than humans. Her mouth felt dry as she tried to speak, but speak she must, she was not ready to leave, she didn't want this angel to take her...not yet.

“...angel...please...angel, hear me...I am not ready.”

She could speak no more. Hot tears seeped from her eyes; she hoped the angel had understood. She felt the darkness coming back, sweeping over her...she fought it but she couldn't stop it and it made her so very afraid.

The wind ruffled the fields of oats and barley; the tall crops were way over her head as she sat in the middle of the field. She crouched lower and bowed her head so as not to be seen. When she lifted her head the pale blue sky had turned a dense maroon colour, almost as she imagined blood to look. A face appeared in front of her, in the sky, all around. She gawped at the pale face with her very same green-grey eyes and her very same thick, wavy hair (although much more tamed) and that mocking smile.

It was strange because she had never known this woman yet she seemed to recognise every part of her face.

Ele screamed until her lungs felt empty.

Her eyes flickered open briefly and sadness stung her heart; she had made the tiny angel cry. Her fingers would only move a little for some reason but she did her best to stroke the angel in order to comfort her.

She saw another, taller, angel next to her and smiled then spoke in a soft and slightly cracked voice.

“Good Morrow dear angels”

Then her eyes shut themselves again and she was once again unconscious to the living world.

The End

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