FT: One

I slowly walked back to our house on Mald St. Everything was perfect, the sun, the day, everything was perfect. Only I didn't have a father.

See when I was four my dad was fishing out in the sea on our boat the Huge Mrs. Song. I can remeber it clearly as if it was yesterday.


"Hey babycakes, come here and hug your father." I ran to the side of the boat and hugged my daddy around then neck. He kissed my cheek. Then he got up to go get his pole.

"Mommy, when can we go swimming?"

"After your father gets some fish for tonight." We stopped our conversation as soon as we saw Daddy coming our from our compartments.

He sat on his chair right next to the railing of the boat. We waited and waited, Daddy got frustrated. We knew because his face got all smushed up. Me and Mommy went inside to play a puzzle.

"Yeahhoo." We heard a grunt then a clash. We ran outside to see what was the matter.

There dad was stilling hanging onto the pole but barely hanging onto the boat. One slip would have land him in the water. But that's exactly was had happened.

"Nooooo." Daddy let go of his hand and plumped into the water after the fish. The fish went deeper and Daddy needed to breath. The fish came of the hook and Daddy floated up the the surface. He dead.


I walked into the driveway of our house and opened the door. I went to my bed and layed down....


The End

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