Fishing for Electricity

Waking up this morning, i notcied a spot in the air, it was a fish. The fish flew around the sky for a bit, then the walls started closing in. What was i to do. I felt trapped within my own bedroom not quite knowing how I should react. The windows started shaking, a dinosaur just walked past my window, where was i, what was i doing here .

I decided to get up and push the walls back to their original place. Strolling into the bathroom i splashed water on my face, ignoring the skeleton taking a bath. What was happening to me?

After eating breakfast with a very strange talking TV, I decided it was time to go to university hoping to find something normal there. Walking down the street some random lady stops me.

"NIetzsche fish for electricity, Fish for electricity do it, its the only way." how random i thought, what happened after that truly terrified me, a giant car flew from the sky and picked her up screaming, and flew off...

Thats it i've had enough, i am going fishing for electricity I thought to myself. Off i went to buy my fishing rod and some bait.

Arriving at the pond i attached my copper wire to the rod, i threw it in the pool and immediately got a massive electric shock. i blacked out....

The End

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