Between the duck and the humid desert

2- Between the duck and the humid desert


"Fishiria!" exclaimed Duckarasa. "What am I going to do  with you? You NEVER say anything, even when I TRY to help you! You know how hard it is to seperate you from all those other fishies?"

Fishiria just bowed in misery. What was she going to do, Duckarasa was mad at her! 

"I'm sorry, Duckarasa! I'm sorry!" Fishiria cried. She automatically saw her companion duck flinching.

"Didn't I tell you before never to call me Duckarasa?" the duck growled, and the fish had never felt so scared before in his lifetime. 

But that's your name, the fish thought.

"Didn't I tell you to call me Master?! When will you ever learn, you FISH?" quacked the duck. Fishiria sighed. The first and second day Duckarasa had really, really been nice to her. And then the third day and on, all she had done was scream.

Fishiria had never been so left out before. Her fish friends were saying that they were never going to talk to Fishiria ever again because she had befriended the duck. For the first two days, she had Duckarasa the duck to rely on, at least. 

But now, now she didn't. Duckarasa seemed to hate her for some reason, and there was nothing she could do about it. She was stuck between the duck who screamed at her mercilessly and having no companions at all. She was stuck between the duck and the desert, as fish called being left out as being in the desert. It was just a simple fish idiom.

Actually, Fishiria realized, it was more dynamic than that. She was stuck between the duck and the humid desert. A desert would mean she'd have at least a companion, not to hang around with, but to talk to. At least once in a while.

But her problem was, she had absolutely no one to talk to if she picked the desert. Everyone hated her. Maybe even the duck, so what made the difference? The fact that Duckarasa at least talked to her. Screams as they may be heard, to Fishiria it was rather soothing in some way. It was scary, cruel... And yet it was soothing.

The End

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