Fish out of water

A hungry duck decides to prey on some fish. However, doing so may cause just enough trouble to terrorize the fish's owner...


1 The duck meets prey


"Duckarasa, you'll be getting some fellow companions," said Titter. Duckarasa just quacked. She was, after all , a hooded merganser duck. Although her quacking WAS more of a "squee".

Who is it, thought Duckarasa. And she fell asleep.

When she woke up, there they were. Fish. Duckarasa, feeling hungry, if not starved, decided too prey on the fish.

"Now now... You may not eat the fish while they are in the blue water." Titter said. Duckarasa quacked, nibbling on Titter's hand furiously. But she still obeyed, she loved Titter very much. Titter, to her, was her older sister.

 And besides, she just had to get the fish OUT of the blue water guard. Ha, so there, a loophole.

Now the only problem was, how did she get the fishies out of the water? The fishies were just enough fat and just enough small. And they were gold fish, very very stupid with a 3 second IQ.

Wait, that made it highly impossible to con them...


"Hi! you know, this place is sick." said a goldfish. Duckarasa turned around. "No one has an IQ of higher than 3. I, on the other hand, hae an IQ of 70, I have an advanced intuition and brain you know."


"Oh, really?" asked Duckarasa.

"Really, and your name is?" asked the fish.

"Duckarasa." replied Duckarasa.

"Okay, I'm Fishiria."

The End

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