Just another summer day at the river, getting our rods ready. The gross sulfur smell of the mud is something I've grown to love.  As we crack open the carps corn and toss it into the water and our mouths, our spirits are high and dumb jokes add the sound of laughter to the already abundant sounds of nature. A couple knots later our lines are buzzing towards the water and with a splash our wait begins. We wait, and we wait, and we wait, but then couple of clicks, then a couple more, but no its only the current I think. Then the rod starts screaming! My heart drops, the lines being taken as though I’ve hooked a kraken! Suddenly, I feel the sun beating down on me as I step into the cold water, tighten my spool and reel for my life. He gets close to the shore then runs over and over again, each time getting closer, I finally get a glimpse and he's bigger than i thought, only his tail reflects the light, but even his tail is bigger than any fish I've caught before, my muscles are cramping as the goliath finally surrenders, but i don't have a net so I take off my shirt and go in after him, in the water. Just me and him in his environment, i cant get any footing so I'm slipping and falling in the mud, he knows he has the power, but nonetheless he's tired and i come out on top. As i hold him up and take the hook out people on the shore are cheering and with a sudden flip of his powerful tail he was out of my arms and back home, but i’ll never forget that day and the thrill of the fight.

The End

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