The beginning.Mature

When firx, the son of flames and icey, had just discovered about his twin brother Jestro fox, the fire fox cub sets out to stop his life before his home peeishs. Will this be the end of our hero or will he survive?

A blast of fire had emerged from the depths of the fox den. A fox cub named firx was blasting fire onto walls and in the ground suring his time being in his room. All he could think of was becoming an alpha fox when he grows up. 

"Firx, sweetaie!" His mother icey the ice vixen said, knocking on his door. "Aww! Mom!" Firx complained. "Can't you see I'm training?" 

"Oh! Sorry. Your dad wants to see you downstairs for dinner, okay?" Firx continued onto his training until he was interrupted again. "Dad! What now!?" 

"Your friend amythesta came over! I guess maybe you guys could make it all work out now!" Firx' father flames was known as a criminal in his area. He had once killed his son's aunt lioness for the throne and was executed, but brought back. 

Amythesta walked by and said hi. "Hey, amythesta!" Firx said excitedly. "So what are you doing here?" 

"Oh, I just came to tell you a little something," she said. Amythesta and Firx had been friends since they met in elemental fox academy. Every boy accused her of being firx's girlfriend, but Firx tried so hard to ignore that. 

Amythesta being an earth fox was somewhat different to what flames knows. Her parents were also a fire fox and a water fox. "I just came to tell you," amythesta said. "That some other fox has destroyed so many areas in this universe and my family are staying her because he chased us out of our home." 

"What's his name?"

"His name is Jestro fox. He's a dark fox. He's actually coming for you." Then Firx had the memory that one time he noticed Jestro was his twin. "Oh no," he said. "Firx, what's wrong?" 

"Jestro! He's my twin brother! He's coming for me and he wants to kill me for everything I've done!" 

"What did you do?" 

"I almost killed him and got him in danger for something I did." Then both of the fox Cubs has gotten scared and then stayed in the room. They all went to sleep and rhe next day passed. As it did, everything and everyone was gone. 

Except for amythesta and Firx of course...

The End

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