First Year With Gills

Trilogy~ Effie, Tracey, and Clarissa, have lived next-door to each other in there Big town California Houses since the girls can remember as their Dads work at F.I.S.H., a marine biology company. But now sertian members of F.I.S.H. are moving to Stielacoom Washington, a teeny tiny, town on the Puget Sound. Effies dad, Tracey's dad, and Clarissa's dad, all have been chosen to move to Stielacoom, and the girls must folow suite. But there is something strange that's happening to the girls evrytime




   All of the life that I can remeber I have lived Next-door to Clarissa and Tacey. Allways we had live on Chessy Drive in Eureka California in a big white house with lots of windows and doors and places to find adventure.

   Cuz that was what I was all about, Adventure that is. In the three of us I was the one who would try things first. Who would talk to boys with out a second thought. Who wasn't afriad of anything, be it a bully on the playground to a colleg paty at age 15. I was always the one who needed looking after.

   Clarissa was the girly girl. She took clothes seriously, getting a differt mani and pedi everyweek. She was smart getting As and the ocasionally B. She worried about me and was afriad of evrything.

   Tracey was the party planner. If I was hung-over and Clarissa found me passed out and freaked, Tracey would take over. Making sure I was alright but scolding me at the same time. She was head on and almost never wrong.

   All three of together was quite scary. I mean we were always together and always right and always there, so we were kind of intimidating.  We weren't stuck up somehow it didn't matter to the girls at our school. To them we were the enemy. To the boys we were the goal. To the teachers we were a terror. To the town we were... about to move.

   My dad told me well eating dinner. He works at F.I.S.H. a marine biology company that takes it job very seriously so I was surprised he was home at all. I took it well I geuss as soon as I found out that Clar and Trace were moving to. He said it was some promotion. I supose it was a good thing cuz he kept looking at me funny the rest of the night.

                                                *           *           *

    "So," Tracey said sitting on my bed. "You diecide now is a good time to start packing?"

      "Yea, I thought the day before would be enough time. I am starting to think that I thought wrong."

       She sighed and got out another siute case frome the closet and pulled all of my swimming trophies in to it. "I am starting to agree with you on that one."

         My door flew open and in came the smell of Britney Spears new sent came wofting in belonging to

The End

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