First Time Intro: How To Make An Impression.Mature

Alyssa Tyme Kowloon; a seventeen year old Kowloon descendant. She's young, she's beautiful and she's powerful. With the thirst for blood and Zelman's approval, she's taken an interest to the Silver Blade, and decides he's her next target. But, because she also has human blood within her veins, will she still be a hybrid after a night with Zelman and Jiro?

''So,'' I murmured softly into the night. ''This is who's accompanying you.''

I watched Jiro Mochizuki, other known as the Silver Blade enter in through the Hotel's front doors. I, on the other hand, sat on the slightly smaller building across the street from it, with clear view of his room. I watched as a small, young boy walked beside Jiro, chattering with a smile on his face. From Zelman, I had heard this was Kotaro Mochizuki -- but the Sage's re-incarnation. Apparently, Jiro was the only vampire born from the Sage's blood. That was quite curious. I stood up, my light, short pink and white summer dress fluttering wildly around my thighs. I picked up my black trench coat and put that on over it.

I assume you'd like an introduction now, yes? 

Well, I'm Alyssa Tyme Kowloon; a Kowloon child descendant. I'm seventeen, but at least a hundred spiritually. During the Kowloon shock ten years ago, I was bitten -- yet, for some reason that I don't know, I was only half transformed. I'm a vampire hybrid, sadly. Zelman was there, and took me in. I now live with him, and if he may need a favour of any kind; I'm there. Sayuka, his assistant get's quite snappy with me and rather mad when she finds me leaving Zelman's room in the morning; I suspect she's confirmed with her mind that myself and Zelman are sleeping together. 

Which is very true -- but it's all really innocent; we're just sleeping. I'm still a virgin and intend to keep it that way for a while. 

She gets quite jealous when she finds out (God knows who her sources are!) that Zelman's bitten me again. I've called her a presumptuous ho (and other nasty things) often to her face and laughed. Yes, it's ecstasy to be bitten -- but I do it because Zelman requests it -- not because I want to get off on it, which I think is Sayuka's alternative. 

I'm about 5'4'', so I'm quite short and I'm slim with curves and everything -- yet for an assassin, it's been pointed out I look...soft. Which, to me, is good. I like to get to know my victims before I destroy them. My hair is waist long but cut with choppy, razer-like looking layers and bangs and it's such a light brown -- almost honey coloured. My eyes are rose-petal pink, but vary in colours, contrasting with my mood. They're heavy lashed. My skin is pale, pale, pale, perhaps a shade darker than snow. It does have a slight bronze to it, though. My stomach is toned and flat, nothing like my chest. I have a single tattoo; a set of golden angel wings on the back of my neck. 

All in all, I've got that inhuman beauty most vampires have. 

And now, I leap and land neatly in the centre of Jiro's room's balcony. I step inside the slightly open glass door and press myself against the wall, deep in the shadows. I hear the door open, take a step into the middle of the room and the lights click on, furiously bright in my sensitive eyes. He froze, beautiful navy grey eyes set on me. I'm quite harmless looking, if you ignored the sheathed katana strapped around my torso. I bowed, and smiled a sweet smile.

''Hello there,'' I said, keeping my smile locked in place. 

''Who are you?'' He's cautious, wary around me. He suspects the worst, and I note the grip on his katana tighten. 

''I'm Alyssa,'' I say lightly, ''but you can call me Lyss.''

''Alright, Alyssa,'' He says, eyes staring into mine. ''What do you want with me?'' 

''I assure you, Silver Blade, tonight I'm just making an introduction.''

''Why's that?'' 

''I don't believe just attacking with no real sense of the victim. Plus, it's rather rude; wouldn't you agree?'' 

I look at the ticking clock on the far wall and realise it's midnight -- I have places to be. So, I bow and take a step backwards. He doesn't move. 

''I must take my leave. Until another night, Jiro,'' I say and turn around, and leap from the balcony's railing. 

The End

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