They sit waiting and staring at the two girls. Their eyes gleaming a bright yellow, their skin a burning red. The first one crawls out its legs in the place where it's head should be, its mouth on its upper torso, and the eyes on its kneecaps. A terrifying gurgle escaped its chapped lips as it speeds towards Jeanno. The older goddess takes not time in kicking it away with the tip of her foot.

" Were they following us the whole time?" She pants, she had been caught off guard.

Cada nods slowly stepping infront of the girl. " Yea, I met one in the alley, I didn't know they could take mortal form. Perhaps he decided to make them shape shifters."

"Hssssshhh" A larger one crept from the shadows, two others followed. Spreading out to surround the duo.

" Kraaaack krick, kuriiiiizizizizi" The second one lunges, its claw like toenails spread out. It was going for Cada's hair, and came crashing down on her blade. Pink ooz flowed from its mouth and splattered against the dirt road just outside the wear-house.

"Gotcha." It took no time at all before the creature was lying in two pieces, an inch away from the two goddess' feet. Still, had she not reacted sooner she might have had to put up more of a struggle.

The End

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