Yay, another window!Mature

She stared around the room at the gory sight with distaste as the cops were running around like chikens with there head cut off not knowing what to do. She sighs. "Ah Cada must you always leave such a mess? I guess I'll clean..."

She walked up to the cops one at a time and hit them each in the back of there neck rendering them unconscience. Being the goddess of fighting she knew exactly were to hit and pinch to render the oppent helpless. Wiping there mind clean of anything, and making sure they remeber nothing but arriving for just another drug bust. She hid the bodies in the middle of the ocean knowing that the fish would eat them before the arrived on land, then returned, cleaning up the blood everywhere. She sighed again gazing at the sight one more time before turning around and disapering into the shadows.

She walks down the street queitly like a cat approaching her target, bunchin her legs getting ready to spring. She jumps on the younger goddess' back like as fast as light laughing, completly oblivious to the fact that her friend was just attacked by a lesser Demon and was interegating it. "Cadaaaaa~!!!" She wined obvously upset. "Why did you make such a mess!? Do you know how long it took me to clean!?"

She taps her foot impatiently knowing her friend heard her and look down at her wrist as if she had a watch humming to herself.

The End

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