Hot pursuit.Mature

The cars whizz past her, making her crimson slit skirt flow in the breeze, revealing her black leather booty shorts that are attached to knee-length fish nets. Ignoring the looks and stares she gets she moves on, with a bit of emotion in her steps. She had a walk that said, 'try anything and end up in a coma'. For some odd reason though, she felt as if someone was watching her. And she was right, in the darkness of the alleyway a small girl was watching her.

She slightly picks up her paces swerving in and out of the swarm of people. Trying to throw her stalker off. Finally she cuts a sharp corner leading into a deserted alley. The girl now meters behind her, the child hisses baring its fangs and Cadapech turns around to face the demon.

" You're mine mortal." It hisses sprinting towards her, but knowing Cada, she simply tosses it aside like a rag doll watching as its head slams against a brick wall. Though she had slightly underestimated it for it gets up un-phased.

"Which are you, do you work for my father, or are you an outcast." No response, she asks again. " Well, do you work for my father, or are you an outcast?"

The child once again hisses, scurrying out of the way. She followed it for about an hour before finally giving up seeing as she had better things to do. She had a feeling she'd run into the small thing again. Suddenly a small yell filled her ears.

" CAAADAAAA..." Was all she heard.

She blinks her eyes slightly widened at the sound of the voice. So she concentrates a little longer. " Why'd you have to make such a mess!!!" Yup, it was Jeanno. Quickly she dashed in that direction, ready to finally meet up with her old friend.....

The End

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