So, she walks alone?Mature

It had been over an hour and her companion still hadn't shown, and Cada was getting a feeling that she wasn't going to. Gently she tilts her head towards the window to get a better view at the darkened sky, midnight was her goal. If she could just survive until then.

" Jake, why don't you test her out before we put her on the market." The woman was now standing her back turned to the two, busy lighting a cigar. Such a shame, she chooses to damage her own body for a few moments of pleasure.

" I was planning too," He replies, his shirt now on the floor beside him. He could feel the goddess' eyes narrowing, her gaze fixed on his upper torso. It sent a warming shiver down his spine, and he swore he could have taken her then and there. But he decided he was going to torture her a bit, give her a small speck of hope and then yank it away at the last minute. Slowly his arm wraps around her waist the cold metal from the chains brushing up against his tanned complexion. With a slight tug he pulls her body against his, snickering at the reaction he gets from the young girl.

"K-Kye!" Her body shakes softly for a split second. ' Dammit Cada, now's not the time to lose your composure. Just, just hold out until midnight. ' She tells herself, of course, when would that be? Cadapech had no way of knowing the time, at the moment she was in one of her mortal phases.

Every goddess that is in Cadas generation has a mortal phase, meaning they turn mortal for a certain period of time each month. Think of it as, mother natures own personal gift. Since no goddess felt like dealing with a period, honestly, who would? The males didn't get this though, so to make it even, they were cursed to be changed into animals. And always the same animal, they spend their time on earth doing as they please trying not to be spotted by mortals. Once their time is finished, they return to whatever world they had come from. Though this little effect had made the godly world unbalanced. For now the girls were increasing in power Sven if they were mortal, but the males remained the same. Though thus theory was dismissed once they realized that the young gods were able to detail their land scape and improve their extra-sensory vision.

" If you tell me you love me, I'll go easy on you." Jake leaned his forehead against hers a gentle smile plastered onto his face. He resembled a lover as he brushed his lips just above her eyebrows. She stirred lightly but said nothing. " So you want it the hard way?"

Finally she speaks up, " What if I said I liked it rough?" she asks buying herself some more time. " The I'd give it to you soft~." He leans in close, latching his mouth onto her left earlobe. In return he gets another shiver, which delighted him dearly. He could already feel himself growing hard. Mean while, Cadapech could slowly feel the energy returning to her body.

" And if I liked it both ways?" Just a little longer. The boy pauses for a moment pondering the question in his head before pushing her to the floor. The metal rattling in response.

" Well I guess I'd have to find something you didn't like, now wouldn't I?" The transformation was complete and the girl let's her arms wrap around the back of his neck. Gently letting their forheads touch. He, in shock, just blinks wide eyed his member going as stiff as a board. She lets her head up off the ground smirking all the while, the adrenaline coursing through her veins was exciting.

" You're about to wish you had never met me." Her plump lips softly graze the side of his cheek before she vanishes completely. Moments later there is a scream, followed by a sickening crack, and a gunshot.

Jake rolled over onto his side, only to find his mothers cold stare greeting him. Her mouth gawked wide with a small trickle of blood running down the crease. Her arm was bent in an unusual way and at the nape of her neck lie a red blotch where a bullet had clearly entered. He gags trying to hold back his lunch before he looks up at Cada. He couldn't understand how a girl who seemed so willing to give herself to him and so weak, was standing with a revolver pointed right at his head, when she was so silent moments before. Trying to gain his composure he scuries backing himself up onto the wall. Suddenly the sound of sirens flooded the small room at the back of the wearhouse, and Jakes eyes, if possible, grew even wider. At first he thought that the neighbouring gang had gotten into another one of their backyard brawls. Then he remembered that they had all been wiped out two weeks ago.

Cada smiles, two sharp fangs replacing her once human iteeth. She lowers herself down beside the man placing her hand onto his cheek. " Mm~. " She let's off a small moan before chuckling meniacly. " I've been waiting for a while, I'm really thirsty, your blood should do. " A faint odor of urine rose into the air, followed by the disgusting scent of vomit. " Oh now, don't spoil yourself," She sighs, " Ah well, now I'll just have to kill you and get it over with.

" D-Don't kill me," Whimpering, he manages to speak in-between sobs. " I-I don't want to die." He's greeted with a backhand to the face and he can truly see the rage in her eyes, even though the rest of her face lied expressionless.

" You should have thought of that before you kidnapped me huh?" She states calmly. For a moment she just stands there watching him apologize over and over again. Finally bored with her new 'toy' she draws her sword Lanmó, the darker of the twin sword duo. Not even a moment later Jake is gagging on the floor crimson liquid flowin from his windpipe. Cada smacks her lips before propelling herself upwards towards the window. She lands on the window ceil grunting as the door opens behind her. Two policemen stand there their faces twisted with disgust at the gorey sight before them. And on the wall was a little note. It read:

Could you be a dear and dispose of these bodies, thank you. Oh and the weed they had was stashed in the boxes behind the fake wall.

Sincerely, Cadapech

The End

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