First, there was two.Mature

The Bloody Scythes, the beginning.

She glares around her for a moment taking in every particle in her surroundings. The chains dug into her leg, making her already injured muscle become partially visible from under the thick layer of flesh.

"Skrillex!" She curses to herself eyeing her captor. The woman sits down in the back smirking as she watches her son approach the restrained goddess. He lowers himself eye to eye level and smirks taking his hand to cup her chin. She retorts by growling at him, but he ignores her and continues to stare.

" She is cute, that's for sure. " He turns her head to the side to take a look at her cheek. " What nice brown eyes you have. " He says, his thumb gently rubbing against it. If she wasn't so pissed off, she'd have probably fallen for that line. But keeping her mind focused she reached into the back pocket of her skirt. In her hand now laid an orange orb, made out of 2% diamond and 98% energy. Hopefully, she'd be able to reach her friend who was somewhere around this area of the large city of New York.

" See, I told you I could pick em', why do you never trust your dear mother?" The woman cooed lightly. Her blonde curls bouncing on her shoulders. She was dressed in classy attire. A strapless red slit gown with a slit that traveled to her upper thigh. Underneath she had stockings that only went up mid thigh, leaving a clear view of white powdery skin between the end of the slit and the start of the stocking.

" You think they'll pay a lot for her?" He asks slowly unbuckling his shirt, his blue eyes gleaming in the flickering candle light. Lucky for her he was at least toned, too bad she'd have to get that hot chest stained with blood. It would have been a lot worse had the boy been some fat-ass, she probably would have figured out a way to escape a lot sooner and got rid of the damned thing. She was actually, enjoying this though...' No, no Cada no.' She scolded herself for letting that human emotion run through her. But she couldn't help but be captivated by his black hair and his sharp features.

He exchanged glances with her, watching as she just stared forward. His other hand slides to her cheek and blinks at her, what an odd girl. No crying, no screaming. She was probably just some cheap, maybe she wanted this. No, no of course not. No one wants this, not even a masochist; but how can he be so sure, after all, she wasn't putting up much of a fight.

"Are you shy sweetie~." He says lifting her head up some more blinking, my what a cute face.

She's too focused to answer, her mind on the orb it starts to gain its own pulse. The warning signal was sent, with that Jeanno should be able to pinpoint where she was. And if she couldn't she knew she was somewhere downtown. In an old wear-house building.

"I said." His tone darkens as he slaps her with the back of his hand, how dare this dumb bitch ignore him. " Are you shy."

Still, she refuses to speak waiting for her friend to come and give her a hand.

The End

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