Show Them Who's BossMature

I'd always fancied really showing him who's boss. He'd never taken to me as I had never taken to him that day when he tried to seduce me upon his desk.

Work had finished, I unlocked my car and sat there in the dark. Contemplating over everything the bastard had done over the past month, yet he never fired me, keeping me there like a tormented animal in a cage, yet I never quit, knowing that revenge would taste so much sweeter.

He appeared all formal in his suit, tailor made you know, for a big head like him. I felt the anxiety of hatred for him swirl in my chest and the sweet thought of killing him added a dangerous adrenaline to the already pounding mixture of emotion. He turned the corner, under the last street lamp before heading to cross the road. He didn't exepct anything. I knew his routine. Like a stalker I would sit in my car in the empty darkness watching him. Choosing my moment I kicked the vehicle roaring into life.

Lights off I pressed hard on the accelerator, flattening the pedal against the floor, directing the metallic beast straight at him. My lights blared on within 100 metres of him, catching him off guard and stunning him like a rabbit.

I felt his body crumple into the bonnet of my car, flying upwards and crashing into the windscreen. I braked hard. Making him slide down onto the road. My breathing hastened into short sharp rasps. My hand slid into the glove box, pulling out a screwdriver, a blunted tip.

One step out the car, his mangled body twitching with little breath. I crouched over him, shadowing him, the  fear in his eyes was recognisable. Gleefully I raised my arm, my fist clenching the screwdriver. I thrusted the point into him with such force, I felt the dead tip pierce his abdomen. He wheezed in pain, oh sweet agony. The thrill of hearing him splutter released a gush of epinephrine into my system, my head swirling. My heart pounding, I lifted the weapon and brought down upon him again this time through the jugular. I pulled the screwdriver out parallel to his neck. tearing the skin. Never before have I ever felt so elated at the sight of blood spewing

Repeatedly I stabbed him, watching him slump even more so into lifelessness. His blood pooled around him, staining my jeans. Impaling the screwdriver finally through his forehead I left it there as a reminder. Washing my hands in his blood I covered his face.

Clambering back into my car, shaking with the excitement of another womanizing man gone from the world, I drove. Away from the town, through into another city. To start again.

Not my cleanest kill to date I confess, and they would track me down. But the thrill of the chase and the kill is worth every year in prison. 

The End

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