Too young to be in love

Some would say "Oh, your to young to be in love. You dont know what it even is. Your only 15."

They were wrong.

My first love is the guy i fell in love with. Running with my friends to see all the commotion about a fight at the school during the weekend on a cold November 17th morning. It was 2007 and i was only 13 at the time. With my best friend Jennifer and other kids she knew we ran to the school. Down the street and over the hill. From standing so high up all you could see was his bright carrot top hair. I had always had a thing for red heads. They were unique and beautiful. So we walked down and everyone said hi to him. Everyone else but me. I couldnt take my eyes off him. But he sensed that i was staring at him. And he would smile. The fight then commenced. He lost and was badly hurt. I didnt even know his name and i felt like crying. My best friend Jennifer and i and a guy named JD took him back to Jennifers house. Knowing i should sit away from him and keep my hands away, i couldnt. I sat him down on Jennifers futon bed and sat next to him. Our sides touching. JD sat on the other side while Jennifer went to get him something to clean up with. We didnt talk. But i would occasionally look at him and smile. Jennifer came back with a warm rag and handed it to him to clean the dirt out of his eye. He seemed to be struggling because he couldnt see. I took the rag from him and cleaned it out for him. All the while his green eyes boring into my face. We sat and talked. JD was making fun of me, and he was defending me. He made my heart crumble and my knees weak.

After sitting at Jennifers, we eventually went to JD's where he relaxed and started to talk to me. His name was Joey. Joey was nice and had an utterly amazing voice that took my breathe away. He started to niticably flirt with me and didnt care who saw. After being at JD's we went to Joeys house and sat in his living room talking. Joey and i sat next to each other on the love seat, and Jennifer and JD sat on the couch. My hair was in pigtails and he started messing with them. I grabbed his hand and held it behind my head. He didnt stop me nor pull away. And we stayed like that until his mom came home and Jennifer and i walked back to my house.

Jennifer and i were leaving for Tennessee that weekend. Joey and i talked everyday. I made him wait until i got back on the 27th to ask me out. We are very much in love with each other and have our future planned out. He may make me cry and want to crawl under a rock and die, But he was my first for everything and i love him. We arent together now, but he was my first love and my only love. We will be together again soon. 

The End

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