About Love

I don't yet know about true love, soul mates, undying love, or shared love - but I do know about unrequited love. 

He was a boy when I first met him. So caught up in himself, thought he knew everything about life and everyone. I didn't love the boy Jeffrey, I loved the person he was becoming. He was growing up, emotionally that is, and he began to understand. 

Jeffrey always put on a tough front, macho and insensitive - what you might call "cool," but he slowly began to show himself. Slowly showed that he had a heart to care. 

Then one day someone else came along, someone who liked me. He was kind-hearted and caring and much the opposite of Jeffrey, so I said yes. Just to convince myself I no longer needed Jeffrey. 

It would be utmost pleasure to tell you right now that this new guy was the one I truly loved, the one I am still happily with. But like I said, I don't know anything about true love and we only lasted a sad, uneventful two weeks. 

The same night I told him, "There are not enough so's to say how sorry I am..." and ended it, I was sitting at the dinner table at a party, I suddenly got this rush and something clicked. Clicked into place. I told Jeffrey. Exactly how I felt. How it's been going on for three whole years and how I hated him. All he said was, "You should listen to that song, 'Hate That I Love You'" and laughed. 

So three things happened that day really. I've mentioned only two, I'm saving the best for last. I know about unrequited love and I know about love that was not meant to be. A fool's love. So I stopped. I stopped being a girl foolishly in love. 



The End

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