One man

I remember the way he held my hand, tucked my fingers into his fst so they would never get cold. His hand brushed the hair from my eyes.

With one look this great man could make me laugh. Not just giggle, but really laugh from the tips of my toes to the hairs on my head. I knew that he would only ever want me to be happy.

I knew he couldn't always say t he words, but I knew he loved me. I knew this was a love that would be unparalled in my lifetime,

If I fall, he would pick me up, make me stronger and turn my tears ino smiles.

I loved him, I always had and I always will.

My dad. The one man I know will love me forever, unquestionably.

The man on the highest pedestal, the one every man in my life must aspire to be.


The End

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