“End of January saw a lot of busy time. Projects, assignments, rushing to the library now and then, late night studies and along with that a lot of student activities. This even brought good times for our relationship. We were together most of the times. 

Every morning I woke up with a rejuvenating feeling. Working together, running around, fighting over small issues spiced with the occasional staring and smiling at each other, the accidental yet not so accidental touching of hands and then retreating away made my day. I loved the workload, I didn’t get tired, I looked forward to all of it.

It was peppered with our daily talks at night. We discussed about the work, about the people around, we laughed at our mistakes, at our stupidity, we joked about little matters, stuff which no one other than us would understand.

I was happy. Finally things were taking a positive turn.

Those were good times, situations were changing.

Hopes were returning. I finally was relieved that everything was turning out fine.”

Smriti was smiling. I just gazed at her. I was confused. I didn’t know whether to be happy seeing her smile or be sad for her. I didn’t know why, but by what I heard, I didn’t quite like the guy. I felt he was playing with her emotions. Her heart was going through a roller coaster ride. One moment she was happy, next moment she was sad, again the next moment-happy. Still she wanted to hang on, I didn’t know why. Why did she love him so much?

Slowly I saw the smile on smriti’s face fade off, I didn’t know why. I kept my hand on her shoulder.

“The next week he was busy. He didn’t text. I didn’t mind at first. I knew that he would be tired from all the work we did last week. I knew that things were better between us now. I didn’t want anything to ruin this moment. I was ready to take things slow.

But then a few days later, I started to get worried. He wasn’t texting much. Even when I texted, he either didn’t reply or our conversations didn’t last much long.

One day when he wasn’t replying to my messages I called him up, he disconnected the call.

I was upset, I felt like crying and shouting out loud. Still I didn’t misbehave, I maintained my calm. I explained myself he might be busy with some work, he would call up as soon as he is free.

He didn’t call.

I cried the whole night that day.

I knew there was something wrong, things weren’t right. I didn’t want to ruin it further, I just want to hang on to the threads. I was still trying to make it work.”

The next night he texted me”, saying this Smriti burst out crying.

The End

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