-“The exams came and gone. Sometimes I used to be depressed, because of the fact that our conversations had grown less frequent. The things he told me were still on my mind. It always gave me an insecure feeling that distance may creep in between us.

On the last day of the exam as I was writing my paper, I was too excited. I waited for the clock to strike 12, then we can again start talking once again with the burden of studies off our head.

I was waiting to meet him, we had decided to meet today. I wanted to hug him tightly, to forget the rest of the world. I wanted to be with him forever. This was supposed to be our first date. I didn’t know what to say, how to react when he is in front of me.

We had decided to meet in the library in the evening when no one would be there. We didn’t want people to know about us yet. As soon as the exam was over, I rushed back to my room, took a long cold shower. Then I sacked through my bags finding a suitable dress to wear. He had said that he liked white. I didn’t have much white clothes and I doubted whether I would look good in the ones I had. After a lot of ransacking and thinking, I finally took out a black top for the evening. I ironed it well, getting rid of all the creases. I wanted the evening to be perfect. Then I thought to get some sleep. I was tired with all the lack of sleep for the exams and I didn’t want my dark circles to show it.”

Smriti stopped and closed her eyes, relishing the moment. I saw little creases on her forhead. I was worried that the worse part might be coming now.

-“What happened then ? Did you meet him? What did you do?” I was getting curious.

-“I woke up at 4 pm by the sound of some commotion. I went outside my room and I saw all the girls standing in groups and discussing something. I was still sleepy and nothing was getting into my head. I washed my face, got the sleep off my mind and then grabbed hold of one of the girls who told me the story.

You remember it na?”, Smriti looked at me.

“Which one?” I asked her.

-“That guy having the bike accident? He was drunk?”

-“Don’t tell me it was him!”, I gasped and stared at her. My heart skipped a beat.

-“No it was not him, but a close friend of his. When I heard of the incident, I knew he would be disturbed and upset about it. I didn’t call him, because at this moment still planning the date would be selfish considering how disturbed he would be. And I didn’t want to call and console him because I knew it wouldn’t help much. I knew him. He needed some time alone with himself. I decided to text him at night when everything comes under control. I understood the importance of the situation.

I was a little upset. We couldn’t meet before the vacation.

I texted him at night. He asked me if I went to the library. I said that I knew everything, so I didn’t call him. I asked him whether he was okay. He said that he was a little tired.

We didn’t talk on that topic; I knew it would upset him. I told him that we wouldn’t be able to talk so much during the vacations because of family. He assured me not to worry, we would find out a way. I was happy. My hopes were returning.

We chatted normally for a while. Then at one time I got a little angry on him. It was momentary. When we tried mending things, the network went off.

Stupid phone!” Smriti sighed.

The End

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