Me: But you can’t love two people at the same time, it’s against nature’s rules.

Him: I know, but nature’s law sucks

Me: But you can’t love two people.

Him: I know. I love the girl who has been with me for three years but we talk just once a month. But I love the support of the girl with whom I talk every day.

Me: I don’t know what to say

Him: Please don’t be upset. I love you, that’s why I said all these to you. Can you love me after knowing all these?

Me: I think you should talk to her, about us.

Him: I don’t get you

Me: To move ahead with me, you need to talk to her about “us”, tell her about me.

Him: I can’t do this. Baby can you still love me knowing all these?

Me: Please give me some time, you go to sleep.

Him: Please don’t be upset baby; I don’t want you to be sad.

Me: Go to sleep, you have an exam tomorrow, we can talk about this later, don’t think too much.

Him: Exam is not important, you are important.

Me: Go to sleep, we can talk about this later.”

Smriti stopped for a moment. She had started crying again. I had no idea how to stop her this time. I didn’t know whether a hug will do.

Today’s the 13thof February, a day before Valentine’s Day. I know what she might be going through. She must have made so many plans for the big day. How could I not have known such a big secret of hers?

I felt guilty.

The End

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