Him: I need to tell you something

Me: Say na

Him: I love you

Me: I love you too baby

Him: But there’s something you need to know about me

Me: What?

Him: I was in a relationship with a girl for three years.

Me: It’s okay dear, I don’t care about your past.

Him: There’s more you should know.

Me: Tell

Him: I still love her. But family problems made us far. She told her parents, they didn’t accept. I haven’t said anything at home yet.

I didn’t know what to say. I felt as if I was blinded. My heart stopped for a moment. I had no idea why he was telling me that. For a moment I doubted my existence.

Me: If you still love her, why are you not with her?

Him: Her parents didn’t agree. And she doesn’t want to try.

Someone was pushing a dagger through my heart. Each word I said, I don’t know why I said them, I just know how each of them stung me. I felt like punching through the wall, pushing my face in the pillow and crying out loud. Every part of me was getting heavier. My mind was dumb. I don’t know what made me say all that.

Me: Tell her, go to her, If you love her, you should be with her.

Him: I have tried telling her a lot of times, but she doesn’t listen.

Me: But if you love her, why did you tell me that you love me?

Him: Because I love you too.

The End

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