-“ We used to text every day. It sort of became a habit. From strangers, we became friends, from friends to best friends. Not a single day passed without talking to each other. It was as if we couldn’t sleep.

We talked about a lot of stuff. Pulling each other’s legs and all. We never got out of topics to talk. I even sort of selected some girls to become his girlfriend. After a few days he didn’t like that though”

-“So you chose girlfriends for your boyfriend?”

-“He wasn’t my boyfriend till then”


-“Our chats used to continue for hours till one of us fell asleep. In the middle of all these, God knows when we fell for each other. He became very obsessive about me, and even I was passionately in love with him”.

-“Aww  that was so sweet. What happened next?”

-“A dark secret was revealed”, She paused.

I could feel the tension growing again.

I was scared. I left her alone beside the window and got inside to make some coffee for both of us. It was chilling outside.

I didn’t want to know what surprise was waiting for me now. I didn’t want to know what hurts her so much.

But I had to do it, for her...

The End

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