“A  month later, I was just sitting idle surfing the net. He was online, I overlooked. Suddenly out of the blue he pinged me-

Him : Hey

Me: Hi

Him: How r u?

Me: Good, and u?

Him: Me too, net too slow na?

Me: There’s some problem with my laptop, the ethernet cable doesn't work, so i use the dongle

Him: Oh god, so crazy about internet?

Me: Nah, not crazy, sometimes it’s a necessity. I was sleeping now, woke up with a bad news of the demise of one of my teachers

Him: Oh, m sorry, don’t worry, go to sleep again.

 You there?

Me: Yeah.

Him: My net is too slow, it’s showing you are offline. Come on gtalk

Me: Ok.

Now my dongle is also against me

Him: Yeah the net connection here sucks, i prefer messages

Me: Yeah, it seems rude when you are chatting with someone and then suddenly the net goes off

Him: Thr?

Where did you go?

Me: I am online through my cell

Him: We won’t be able to talk like this.

 Gimme your number

Me: 98********


The End

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