-“Our work got over. We didn't get to see each other much after that.

A month later I was down with common cold. You know the breathing troubles I have during a fever, I can’t even sleep at night. I decided to visit the hospital”

-“How come I wasn’t there with you?” I asked because we always go together to the hospital.

-“You were having extra classes and I wasn’t in a mood to wait. So I went alone.”

-“What happened there?” I was growing restless.

-“He was there, with his friend. He was having a cold, and being fair skinned, his nose was as red as a reindeer. We chatted while waiting for our turn.”

-“Huh, so the common cold virus is good, gave you a boyfriend!”  I teased her.

-“Shut up or else I won’t tell you anything,” she gave me a stern look.

-“Ok miss, as you wish”, I could feel the tension getting out of her. I was happy.

-“That night while I was online on facebook, I found him online too. So I pinged him-

Me: Hi

Him: Hey

Me: How r u feeling now?

Him: Better, I took the medicines

Me: Take care and take your medicines on time and take a lot of rest

Him: Yeah

My net connection went off after that. Stupid dongle”, she sighed.

-“ You know why I like you, because you are so caring about everybody.” I smiled at her.

And She smiled back.

The End

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