-“We first saw each other in August. We were working on creating something artistic and technical. We were given different jobs. He was supposed to handle the technical stuff while I handled the artistic one. So mostly he worked from the department, research and all, works involving lots of net surfing, running to the professors, meeting people, scheduling dates. I still don’t know actually what all work he had to do.

On the other hand I was given the sticky and dirty stuff. Sitting in a room filled with people, mostly who didn’t have any work to do, sticking away chart papers, thermocols, drawing , cutting, painting etc.”

-“what’s his name?” I was getting curious.

-“I can’t say that.”

-“okay, cool. But how did you two meet when you were doing two totally different types of work?”

-“I am getting to that. On the third day of our work I was alone doing some really tough stuff sticking pieces of wood with brown tape. It was very tough for just one person to do the work of holding the pieces together and sticking them with tape. He saw I was working alone, so he came to help. That was the first time I saw him. A bold and serious type guy, wearing a white and blue checked shirt. I got an idea of his strength when I saw him tearing off the brown tape with his fingers. He didn’t know exactly how to put the tape around, so even got a little scolding from me”

-“So you fell in love with a guy while sticking brown tapes?”I was sarcastic.

-“Shut up”, and she smiled and blushed a little.

I was happy to see her smile. I wrapped my arms around her. She continued with her story.

The End

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