My mouth opened wide in shock. I was speechless. Finally I gathered up my strength and spoke

-“BREAK-UP? But that’s supposed to happen when you have a boyfriend? Everyone knows that you have been single all your life!”

-“No one knows me enough, it’s been three months since I am committed”

I didn’t know what to say. I have known her for a whole year, she had always been with us, She had always behaved as a single girl did. We never saw her put on makeup and go out, or talk on the phone to anyone except her mother, which never lasted for more than 5 minutes in a day. Then when did the boyfriend get in her life? Where did she fit him in his schedule?

-“Tell me everything”, I was curious

-“I will. I will tell you each part of it.”

-“But, but I never saw you with a guy, you never went out, you were never even on the phone”

-“Have you ever noticed me texting at night?”


But I have noticed texting her the whole year, all the time, the whole day. She was addicted to sms-ing. I even have a feeling that the new TRAI sms rule was applied because of her. She was a tom-boyish type of girl. By tom-boyish I don’t mean the one with short hair and wears guy type clothes. She is a girl who mixes  a lot with all types of boys. She is a girl who has survived a whole year in this college without anyone ever doubting her to have a boyfriend irrespective of the fact that she talks to and roams around with so many boys.

Even I, her room-mate never got a hint about it. I mean she is a sleepless girl, god knows when she sleeps, she is always texting one or the other friend. Not a single soul ever had a hint of her having a boyfriend

Smriti started narrating the story. I knew this was going to be a long night.....

The End

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